Medical tourism

Georgia is very rich in natural resources and mineral waters. Since time back and then in Soviet times several spas or nursing homes have been opened and in recent years most of them have been well modernized. We present you some examples only. Destination to Georgia gives you the opportunity to inform yourself and the choices organize your stays according to your wishes. Apart from medical stay in the spas, we can offer short tours and better discover the region where Georgia.

Tbilisi – sulphurous waters, “waters that burn without fire”

The tour of Georgia begins with the ancient city of Tbilisi and Abanothubani, the bathing district where “sulphurous waters burn without fire” since time away. For centuries people used them to wash themselves and it becomes the meeting place. In the 1930s Georgian physiotherapy scientists realized the unique project of creating the seaside resort with elite doctors. Apart from conventional medicinal methods, the resort actively uses the methods of natural resources: mud, thermal sulphurous waters, curative massage, physiotherapy, horizontal pulls, swimming pool for the handicapped for the period of rehabilitation. The sulphurous waters of Tbilisi contain calcium, lime, magnesium and they cure chronic or other diseases: diseases of the articulatory organs, chronic infectious arthritis, diseases of the cadiological and neurological system.

Borjomi – mineral waters – Borjomi, the “Vichy of the Caucasus”

Little history: The mineral springs of the Borjomi gorge have been known for at least two thousand years for their healing properties. From the beginning, water is consumed as a drink but also used to take baths. Then these sources are forgotten between the 16th and 18th centuries, because of the conflicts between Ottomans and Persians who divide the territory of present-day Georgia. They were rediscovered in the middle of the 19 th century, following the cure of the daughter of a Russian governor general in Georgia, who came for treatment. His successor makes it his summer residence and develops the city of water. The first bottling plant opened in 1890. In the 1980s, production reached a record annual volume of 400 million bottles. The Borjomi water comes from 8-10 km of earth depth at 38 – 40 C °. It is enriched by different volcanic components, very favorable for several types of intestinal diseases. It helps activate the exchange of blood, respiratory and other substances and facilitates digestion, strengthens the immune system against pathological infections. Borjomi is not only known for mineral water but also for its climate and its forest of pines and firs forming magical greenery. It is rich in Ozone, which fights bacteria, viruses and fungi, as well as tuberculosis of the lungs, bronchitis asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Sairmé – Spa resort

Sairmé is located in the mountainous area of the subtropical region of Georgia 950 m above sea level. It has 6 thermal waters that were discovered by shepherds by chance. They come from 1500 m. depth measuring 41 °. Thermal waters treat more than 60 diseases: chronic cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis, ulcerative colitis, ulcerative colitis, renal failure, osteochondritis, diathesis, arthritis …

Tskaltubo – radioactive waters

Tskhaltubo is a city in west-central Georgia. It is famous for hot mineral springs. The sources produce water rich in Radon carbonate, at a temperature of 33-35 ° C which makes it immediately usable for care. The center specializes in balneotherapy for circulatory, nerve, muscle and bone, gynecological diseases. This place was already known from VII – IX century. but the station was created and frequented in Soviet times (up to 125,000 visitors a year).
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