Georgia is a legendary country at the foot of the Great Caucasus, between the Great Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea. In the past it was called COLCHIDE and IBERIA, later it became SaKARTVELO (GEORGIA) – country of KARTVELS. It always enchants visitors with its culture and folklore, its turbulent history and authentic traditions, its diversity and the contrast of landscapes.

This beautiful country is located in the Caucasus, on the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range forms the northern border of Georgia with Russia by the Darial Gorge (in the Georgian region of Khevi). The southern portion of the country is bounded by the Lesser Caucasus Mountains. The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range is much higher in elevation than the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, with the highest peaks rising more than 5,070 meters above sea level.

The highest mountain in Georgia is Mount Shkhara at 5,068 meters, and the second highest is Mount Other prominent peaks include Mount Kazbek at 5,047, Tetrnuldi 4 858 m, Ushba – 4700 m.

Georgia: SAKARTVELO – საქართველო

Capital: Tbilisi

Official Language : Georgian

Population: 4 ml

Ethnic groups : 86.8% Georgians, 6.2% Azerbaijanis, 4.5% Armenians, 2.8% other

Religion: Georgian Orthodox Church (83.9%), Gregorian Armenian (3.9%), Muslim (9%) and others

Area: 69,700 sq km

Maritime coast: 310 Km

Arable land: 11.44%

Density: 62 hab. / km2

Currency: laris (GEL)

Drives on the: right